Understanding Our Work.

The work done at WELEAD is pivoted around ideas and methodology. This is because as an organization we realize that what we do is just as important as how we do it. WELEAD runs a WE-volunteer project, WE-leaders’ clubs, WE-fellowships, WE-partnerships and WE-exchange programs that enable young leaders to have access to healthy environments that encourage youth leadership exchanges

Our work is centered around facilitating the process of bringing young leaders together to precipitate peer to peer leadership development in a safe youth friendly space. The youth leadership development at WELEAD is fashioned after the WELEADERS workbook which has been crafted and is being continuously developed by young leaders for young leaders. Our approach is inclusive and participatory as we pay attention to leave no youth behind. This is why we are always learning from all the young people we work with and are continuously adapting our leadership development methods to be suitable for our young leaders. The overall goal in our curriculum adaptation policy is to be continuous learners of the young leaders who work with so that when modifications are made to the curriculum, they will be effective in unleashing the leadership energy locked inside young people.

Developing Youth Leaders today, incubating leaders for tomorrow