About Us

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Our story

We are a youth leadership development organization founded upon the idea that, youth leadership development is the most efficient and sustainable way to develop the world. We believe that development starts with young people and is accelerated when young people harness their leadership capabilities. We work towards bringing young people together by stimulating and encouraging peer to peer leadership development as well as assisting young people in building constructive interactions and networks. Youth leadership development is our core business and our leadership development tools are holistic with an evolving construct that is shaped by the young people we work with. At WELEAD young leaders are developed by other young people through a series of creative engagements and facilitation that precipitates a leadership expression that enables young people to positively impact the world.

Our leadership development style is pragmatic, participatory and contextually applicable. This is because in our leadership development methods, we major on  creating real life simulations of situations were great demonstrations  of leadership capabilities are required to bring out sustainable solutions to the world’s problems. Thus, a practical and hands on leadership training is used to compliment and reinforce the theoretical. We value all youth and take a special interest in the leadership development of young people in vulnerable situations. Young women, youth with disabilities and minority youth among other groups, have a crucial role at WELEAD. Our overall mandate is to work with young people in creating world societies were youth become truly active and represented  by youth in decision-making, development and leadership.

The Founder

Namatai Kwekweza is a Zimbabwean development enthusiast who founded and registered WELEAD in 2017 when she was (18) eighteen years old. Her vision is to develop WELEAD into international entity that will bring young people from diverse world backgrounds into a safe space were they can co-create the concept of leadership through idea exchange. Namatai is an outspoken youth leader and bold young woman who has a strong conviction in the power that young people have to develop the world if their leadership capabilities are developed. She herself has a strong leadership track record which has influenced and inspired thousands of young people in her country and across boarders to become active in decision-making, development and leadership. Namatai is a former junior member of the parliament of Zimbabwe for Mt Pleasant constituency and the former junior portfolio member in the ministry of health and child care. She is an African Union African Governance Architecture Youth Ambassador and has been instrumental in representing young people in Africa.

Our Mission

Developing an organization that is committed to bringing youth together to co-create a safe space for youth leadership development.

Developing youth leaders today, incubating leaders for tomorrow.