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Young people join voter registration blitz

Young people join voter registration blitz

AHEAD of a Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) mobile voter registration blitz, civic organizations have started campaigns aimed at getting more young people to register to vote in the harmonized elections this year.

The blitz is running for 10 days from March 12 to 21.

WeLead Trust, a local youth-oriented advocacy organization, is complimenting efforts being made by ZEC in enticing young people to participate in elections.

Through a programme dubbed Rank2Rank Campaign, WeLead is providing voter registration information at bus termini around Harare.

WeLead Trust communication desk said the organization was working to end voter apathy among young people.

Youths are an important demographic group in the country, constituting over 65 percent of the total population but their participation in elections remains low.

Original post by NRTV – https://www.facebook.com/100087137086836/posts/pfbid06M1HqNbbttv1XPXE1bvor9Kae8j8czHse5zaG4WZpFCK4UXgVUc5jUwZVDmVViXWl/?d=n